Re-installed a clean copy of bloodlines, and I’m installing the mod again I got that too sometimes – use it with santa monica computer only because when you use tutoring for example intimidate in one place and than use a computer in your other heaven for example downtown the new computer does not recognise youve already done the tutoring and you have to start from the beggining. Thank you so much, Burgermeister. After it has been re-installed, move the entire game folder to a new location on your hard drive example: Maxus Corvin Methuselah Posts: Aso dont know if thats just me and I had to little cash on me but I never could tutor myselph over first 2 points.

vtmb clan quest mod 3.0

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View All Top Mods. Clan Quest Mod Vampire: Total time less than half an hour – sometimes a lot less depending on what mood my computer is in.

vtmb clan quest mod (Accessibility view)

Release date Released Oct As interested as I might be about some of his work, I don’t plan on so much clah placing my face near his posterior, much less anything else.

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines.

vtmb clan quest mod 3.0

To make it work properly, I have to exit Steam first because it automatically boots when I turn my laptop onand then .30 to the Start menu, go over “Steam”, right click and click on “Run as Administrator”. His email is on the.


VTMB: Clan Quest Mod for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

I disabled it, because it often clashes horrible with any background music of the maps! The Masquerade — Bloodlines.

vtmb clan quest mod 3.0

Start Installing CQM, with mods picked from list 5: And yes, RIP is right, the new version comnig out August 8th should hopefully make vmtb lot of this nonesense much easier.

I just downloaded it and now I will look for your 3. I was made aware of this issue recently, and will be deploying a patch in the next day or two. Unless you will cheat it: Have you tried just installing one mod and see if they work individually?

Clan Quest Mod 3.0 file

Only registered members can share their thoughts. Mo of course you might havve to reinstall things like raptor red’s warform, which is part of the plus patch, CE, and TFN. ClaudiaVonigner Apr 29 Burger doesn’t know yet if he’ll manage to merge it all, because he must have Zer0morph’s approval and he’s gone a little AWOL. It seems you can download his so called “true” patch without having to register. It completely blocked me from blackmailing him about the gargoyle.

I’ve tried contacting Burgermeister and he hasnt responded yet. Join the community today totally free – or sign in with your social account on the right and join in the conversation.

Or any other new patch if it happens to appear on that date? Guest Feb 1 Great mod no doubt about it. Thanks to all that fans that have kept Bloodlines, and this mod, alive for so many great years!


I seem to get flak from both sides, since apparently that’s not allowed So he calls it a patch, and then includes high-res textures in it? Then, you will need to start playing the game from the very beginning.

No gameplay changes or very minoronly bugfixes, so you’re playing as close to ‘vanilla’ as you can get, but it works. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.

There might be issues with TFN, if different discipline particles use the same filenames. If not, then just post a follow-up reply. Then create a new desktop shortcut to the vampire. And, a condensed feature list here below:. Sign in or join with: I got that you wanted to implement the ‘pranking’ which is what malkavian do and was a good idea but somehow I feel that the tremere have a more chance of learning about malkavian madness than malkavians do.

Also, I am not trying to bring up those “problems” again.