See Agent installation properties. If the agent is reported as connecting , complete these actions: Name of the agent installation property sheet. If you cannot start the agent from the command line, the problem is likely related to the way that the service was configured. A deployment to this environment might have one agent and three separate resources. Verify that the agent started successfully: Review the system requirements.

urbancode deploy agent

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If you are using a high-availability environment, configure the agent for failover to the other servers in the cluster. If you install the agent as a Windows service, the user account must have the following privileges: Agents are installed with the batch files that are provided with the installation files, see Installing agents from the command line. They are applied to the server as patches. Work done on a remote target to help a deployment or import new versions is performed by Agents.

See Connecting the blueprint design server to the server. This user must have access to all working directories that are used in the processes that this agent runs. Remote agent installation properties Field Description Name Name of the agent installation property sheet. Relays may be installed in groups to provide high availability. When this situation occurs, the problem is an HTTP communication issue.


Skip to main content. If you specify Yyou give information for one or more additional servers.

urbancode deploy agent

You can install an agent by specifying its target location or install an agent that was previously discovered with the agent discovery feature. Many plugins are available from IBM directly and clients are encouraged to build their own as well. If ufbancode agent is assigned to several environments, it can do work on behalf of all of them.

urbancode deploy agent

If the agent is installed as a service, enter the password that is associated with the service user. If you used the jar command to extract files, add execute permission to convertFilesForZos.

Installing IBM UrbanCode Deploy agents in silent mode

After you convert the files, continue with installation. Description Property sheet description. While IBM UrbanCode Deploy may be installed on a laptop for learning purposes, the architecture is designed to scale to meet enterprise requirements: If you are installing a discovered agent, this step is skipped because the system type is automatically determined during discovery.

Many abent require deployments and availability across multiple data-centers.

Installing agents in silent mode

Installing the blueprint design server Installing the blueprint design server involves installing an application on Apache Tomcat. The server and agent clock times must be close together if using end-to-end encryption.


Java Home Path Path to Java on the target. Installing agents You can install agents from the server or from the command line on the agent system.

Agents can be urbancodr to teams the first time they connect to the server. For more information about this option, see Configuring mutual authentication.

Follow the same procedure for each environment the application uses. System requirements and performance considerations.

Configuring IBM UrbanCode Deploy agents for failover

Use Telnet to connect to the JMS port: You can install agent relays in interactive mode or in silent mode. You can answer a number of questions to help isolate the issue behind problems with agents.

For example, on a Microsoft Windows system, the Java home path might be C: See step urbancde in Changing or updating the JRE of agents.

See Starting and stopping the server. Auto Start If you want to install the agent as a service, select Auto Start to run the agent automatically when Windows starts.