Here are few simple steps for Triggering a Process automatically: I have done this once in the past, but only got it to prototype stage before the project was put on hold without being resumed for political reasons. I would give this one careful consideration. A preset TI process can be triggered immediate before and immediate after the workflow action. The Tree Each item in the tree has an icon that indicates the current state of the data. Here you can specify which workflow actions can be enabled to trigger a TI process, either immediately before or immediately after the action, as well as the process need to be triggered.

tm1 workflow

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There are a number of different ways to go about the detailed design part though and I would say that most of the workflows i’ve built have been different in design based on the level of granularity, levels of hierarchy etc that the customer wanted.

Workflow updates the status of the workflod and deploys reports, attachments, and emails that drive the entire workflow process to completion. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Tree Each item in the tree has an icon that indicates the current state of the data. Data in this state was aggregated.

Cognos TM1 Applications Workflow

Should we start working on Performance Modeler? The names depend on the design of your application. Search Exploring TM1 Search for: Sending reviewer or contributor an email on submit or reject of a node: I honestly think that maybe in a couple of versions time it could be a very good tool and I truly hope sorkflow will be but for the time being I do not feel it to be good enough for me to recommend that any of my customers use it.

tm1 workflow

Saying that, as others have stated if you build your own your will gaurantee support for the life of TM1 as it will be model based rather than product based. It has really helped me. This is the standard approach I go with, it gives you a much greater scope for flexibility to make the system meet YOUR NEEDS rather than you having to shoehorn something in to a prebuilt process.


This feature can be quite useful in a lot of ways, for example, if you have a separate BI report cube setup, when a node is submitted, TI process can be triggered to update the BI report cube without extra actions. The data is ready to be submitted to the next level in the hierarchy.

Getting Started with TM1 Workflow

The Incomplete state applies only to review items. An extra hint is that if you use wingdings and conditional formatting in a websheet you can make some pretty attractive looking RAG red, amber, green approval monitoring screens.

All items belonging to the reviewer are locked. And although it may take a little extra planning, you will find that when you get into it – it is pretty simple to do and won’t add that much time to the project if well designed you workflo make it far easier to maintain than some wofkflow the contributor applications.

tm1 workflow

A process is triggered to update a separate reporting cube it would not matter if it is on the same or different server instance from the planning cubes. I’m going ahead with Workflow wofkflow the Excel interface would be comfortable for the users working on Excel already rather than switching over to a new interface.

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The list can go on and on, it really t1m on your business and application, and how this feature may enhance your planning process. If an item is rejected, its state returns to Reserved.

Triggering TI Processes from TM1 Application Workflow

The ability to set security at all levels along the process tree results in a highly customizable task set tied directly to your organization’s unique reporting chain.


Workflow can be designed as a simple task and completion reminder process or it can be customized to manage multiple users, multiple tasks, and many levels of notification and action dependencies. You populate this with data from TI processes initiated by the users that would also update security through the security control cubes if you download something like sendemail.

That aside, my own experience with Workflow is that it’s quite limited and unstable, so I wouldn’t recommend it personally. And once all the nodes are locked, then you can be sure that BI reporting cube is ready for reporting, without running extra processes. I doubt it’ll ever happen, even if IBM are trying to do it.

TM1 Workflow or TM1 Applications – TM1 Forum

The basics are surrounding the basis that you can build it to do whatever you need for your workflow, as standard you would build a cube which entails the areas for submission and allows you to track how far along the process it is.

The user has taken ownership of the node and data in this state can be submitted for review. Applications is much better, although it has quirks of it’s own, so make sure you read up fully to ensure it meets your requirements before committing. As others have stated workflow is an old product that only works with older versions of TM1. The tree on the left side of the screen shows, in a hierarchical form, the areas that you are responsible for contributing to and reviewing.

Locked The data was submitted and the item was locked. Workflow, on the other hand, has been unsupported for several years and was never a particularly stable product in any version I tried.