It is not necessary to wait for a newer version of SEE This article is intended for administrators who are responsible for upgrading Symantec Encryption Desktop Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update version bit and bit. See the release notes for more details. To download the appropriate compressed folder, see the table Upgrade scripts for Symantec Encryption Desktop The versions of Symantec Encryption Desktop and versions of Mac OS X contained in this article have been officially tested and certified.

symantec encryption desktop 10.3.0 mp2

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Upgrading your client computers using the upgrade script files. If the encryption driver files are not copied from the same client computer, the client computer may not boot after upgrade because of missing files or driver version mismatch.

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Symantec Encryption Desktop is not compatible with CoreStorage drives. Upgrading your client computers manually.

symantec encryption desktop 10.3.0 mp2

Creators Update v RS2. Contains the scripts for upgrading from Windows 7 to the Windows 10 October Update version You can upgrade to the above mentioned Windows 10 release from the following Windows operating systems: This ensures that the customized upgrade script meets the needs of that business environment, including any installed third-party applications.

Also, verify that your client computer meets the hardware and software requirements. Before you perform the following steps, ensure that you have performed all the steps mentioned in the Before you begin to upgrade section. Ensure that you know the compatibility of your existing Symantec Encryption Desktop version with the Windows 10 release that you want to upgrade.


It is not necessary to wait for a newer version of SEE To plan your deployment or upgrade, you must first complete the preparatory tasks mentioned in this section before you begin the actual upgrade process. This article also includes upgrade scripts that administrators may use to upgrade client computers to a Windows 10 release without decrypting and re-encrypting the drives.

To run the post-upgrade script and troubleshoot issues. Minimum Disk Space Required.

The following in-place upgrade steps are provided for reference only. Microsoft Windows 10 April Update version bit and bit.

The Symantec registry file and the batch file are present in the compressed folder that is attached to this article. As a general rule of thumb, if Symantec Endpoint Encryption If any version prior to Symantec Encryption Desktop Evaluating Symantec Encryption Desktop compatibility before upgrading to Windows Symantec strongly recommends administrators to review and test the upgrade scripts and make necessary changes prior to the upgrade.


Deskktop the latest Symantec Encryption Desktop Alternatively, you can perform the following steps: As the disk is already encrypted, the files in the staging area get encrypted.

To upgrade your np2 computers using in-place upgrade, you may choose one of the following methods: For example, SEE As an administrator, you want to perform an in-place upgrade on Windows desktpp computers that are encrypted with Symantec Encryption Desktop. You may use the upgrade script files to upgrade your bit and bit Symantec Encryption Desktop client computers to one of the supported Microsoft Windows 10 releases without decrypting and re-encrypting the drives.

symantec encryption desktop 10.3.0 mp2

Failure to do so could result in data that cannot be recovered. Toggle Off Memory integrity.

Symantec Encryption Desktop and Symantec Encryption Management Server Documentation

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update version bit and bit. Automated upgrade using your custom script. Symantec recommends you to use