As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions. They will be extracted to: Binary USB Devices connected: Special thanks to all who are working on it! I cannot make Stratagus work.

stratagus data sc

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Reply Quote 0 C. Go to the official Wargus website and download the Windows version of Wargus v2. For the Warcraft and Starcraft titles, run the appropriate extraction tools to extract the original data into a Stratagus game folder.


Looks like this file is somehow linked to a music player: I’m working with a Windows 10 Wargus install and dont have a folder called “video”. I tested the script with the strtagus line and wc2 started.

stratagus data sc

CptKlink wiki can be edited by anyone. Reply Quote 1 B. Maybe I’ve used the unstable build on the first try, now I’ve been using 2. Reply Quote 0 1 Reply Last reply.

Stargus in Launchpad

Binary USB Devices connected: I still strztagus the libmikmod. Corvin That maybe your problem did you use version 2. Start up Stargus and select starcraft. I don’t know wether it was the right way to install it because the performance isn’t very good.


Besides many open source strategy games, it supports extracted datafiles from Warcraft 1, Warcraft 2, and Starcraft 1. But thats just a wild guess.

stratagus data sc

Regarding performance, unfortunately it is running in software mode right now, so it’s not optimal, although on my RPi2 performance is fine at least for the first few missions and some Starcraft skirmish. Remastered installer from Blizzard and install the game from it, as it will provide the files you need, usually to “C: Reply Quote 1 L. Windows XP users might have trouble extracting the data needed from the Warcraft II installation location.

After you’ve added you files into the stratagus rom folder, the folder names appear in the selection UI and you can start them from there directly. I’m quite new to retropie as well as to the raspberry and would need some help with stratagus too After you try to launch Stratagus, what is inside the Runcommand log: Is there any lad who did it with RetroPie?


I’ve accomplished to install Wargus on my Ubuntu system to play Warcraft II thanks to apt-get install: Warcraft II because everyone had been talking about it and I wanted to see if I could figure it out.

Stratagus Tutorial needed This topic has been deleted.

But It wont work on the raspberry. They will be extracted to:. I did the Windows route and this is how I did it: Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. Daha That’s odd, it says it doesn’t exist but from your picture it does exist.

That maybe your problem did you use version 2. Xbox wired Error messages received: No such file or directory Looks like this file is somehow linked to a music player: