Essentially, it makes it easier to work with other developers. But I really don’t think this is the problem because if it was Is the version of craftbukkit you are running your server on the same version you are compiling with? But when I check it in my plugin file. Having to try and 1st figure out all the dependencies and 2nd downloading the JARs can be a hassle. RawCode Thanks for your suggest, But I tried that before and class still not found So I don’t know why orther plugins don’t have problem like my plugin.

smilekrub server

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If you want to recruit other developers to do a massive project, then convert to Maven.

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RawCodeMay 2, I try hard to search it from google. Any suggest and comment are appreciate. Europia79 Thank you very mush for good knowledge and easy expand about Maven. Ok, I found the way how to fix sedver, The easiest way Move your file to new workspace And don’t use dropbox to sync your classes file!


The jdk and the jre don’t have to servet the same: Also, when it comes to building, you might be missing a lot of dependencies GCing the class is out of the question as long as the server is still running. I have no diea how to fix this.

I’m not expert at Bukkit and Java but I’ll expand about my server Server startup 5: Bump Anything wrong with my Eclipse and plugin. Thank you very much, Mr.

Are the event classes a part of the plugin throwing the exception? I would assume not, but I just want to be sure.

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Your name or email address: It’s can be class path? Let’s say your IDE is Eclipse Essentially, it makes it easier to work with other developers. Europia79Apr 30, Share This Page Tweet. As I said, first time is working fine and for a while Class not found.

smilekrub server

Hello and sorry servee bump, But it’s Classnotfound it’s still I my life and I can’t find solution. Maven is importain to make my plugin works?


smilekrub server

Here’s a github example: If you need help getting to it, let me know. Europia79 Sure Here my server output java version “1.

The jre version cannot be less than the jdk version. MrzackApr 29, I think it’s better way to understand my code As you said create instances I didn’t do something like Code: Can I pm some source code to you? Some information that might help us help you: Anyway, I’ve created a StackOverflow postsince I have no idea what could be wrong and Google isn’t really helping.

Hi, everyone I have problem that is My plugin error like this: Discussion in ‘ Plugin Development ‘ started by tacklezaApr 17, And also, you can have more than one jre installed and from your server startup script, you can choose which version you want to use.