Kudos for taking the challenge! Now I am back doing a full routine everyday but I find I am getting a bit bored and would love some new routines. Some we gave the thumbs up, and others we doomed by systematically exposing numerous flaws. Yes, it is physically demanding and the right shoes for dancing are a must Yay – new Chuck Taylor hi-tops! Yes, you can follow it religiously if you are better of that way enjoy guidance , but you can simply take a look and continue on your own.

shaun t cize

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Shakeology and many other meal replacements for that matter can help if you find it difficult to prepare and eat healthy throughout the day.

Reply Hi Meri Thanks for the review.


This is a good review, well done. I was on the fence but cie am definitely going to buy it. I am 61 years old, and have about 60 lbs to lose? I do it right after the workout ends. Many of my friends have asked me whether Cize works. Reply Meri, this saun an absolutely brilliant review, thank you and I plan on ordering Cize this week. There is something in the customization of a program that I completely love.

The deluxe kit includes the portion control system from 21 Day Fix another Beachbody workoutand if you are ready to try a new approach to diet, this will probably suit you well. Thank you for the tt review Meri, I wish I had discovered it sooner.


Though you can make it with even less. What is initially good about them, at least from a learning perspective, is that they share a similar structure.

Cize Review – Dance Your Way to a Fitter and Leaner Body

Not to mention that the learning curve is often steep. I am not asking for medical advice just wondering if this can ciez modified. Am I doing it right?

shaun t cize

I want to make sure that he had a long and healthy life: Thanks for posting this review. It is so much fun. It was supposed to say I am definitely not a dancer. When it comes to losing weight, yes, Cize works if you follow the schedule.

Yes, you will sweat a lot and experience some struggle, but nothing close to what other workouts are putting you through. It is 8 minutes, and may I say the most efficient workout for abs ever placed within a such short frame.

CIZE Dance Workout Reviews

Saw the infomercial and Cize looked like such fun. I’m not even sure if I should call it a workout because it’s so much fun!

Reply I have been watching the Cize infomercial for 3 weeks zhaun wondered if this is something I can do and not give up like Tae-bo or Zumba! Thanks Reply Click here to cancel reply. It should go out, at least in his projections, somewhere around mid June or so.


shaun t cize

You are definitely helping a lot of confused people who really want to find the right workout! That right there can give you 2 full months of workout. Wow, so cool that both of xhaun are doing this! I have been doing this everyday since I got the DVDs. But it turns out that Shaun T has a degree from Rowan University in dance and choreography, and long career as a dancer.

shaun t cize

I do think that there is an opportunity to modify Cize, especially since it breaks sjaun every move slowly enough for you to be able to learn a version of your own as a replacement. Reply I just ordered Beachboy on Demand and have used the day fix program in the past. Hi Meri Thanks for the review. As a person with chronic foot and knee problems I have flat feet, and chronic plantar fasciitis in both feetI really do need low impact exercises, so as to not injure myself.