Board computers that will be installed on the public transport vehicles pieces ; 2. All the orienteering map markers are contained in the unified orienteering map symbols. It is important to note that due to different infection of the areas there can be big differences in the indicated chemical quantity requirements. Profile cancel Sign in with Twitter Sign in with Facebook. For more information please contact Mrs Livia Baruta. Ofertantul are obligatia de a specifica clar in propunerea tehnica toate datele de identificare a produsului dupa caz:

razvan de la oradea sunt pompier

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Obiectul achizitiei publice directe: One starting conference and 3 three workshops 4 events will be organized between May and September Grafic de monitorizare a proiectelor.

Oferta documente de calificare -certificat Otadea si informatii generale impreuna cu, propunere tehnica, propunere financiara se depune personal la sediul UAT Cetariu, din Cetariu nr.

razvan de la oradea sunt pompier

An easily adjustable mobile climbing wall that can be assembled in courtyards or gym halls according to the needs. Camera de Comert, Industrie si Agricultura Arad, str.

razvan de la oradea sunt pompier

Number of Experts Involved in Research: For more details please check the link below, where you will find the advertisement and the notebook of tasks! Camera de Comert, Industrie si Agricultura Arad intentioneaza sa achizitioneze serviciile unui expert pentru evaluare imobiliara si crearea unei baze de date privind zonele de investitie din judetul Arad. OPENCART FREE DOWNLOAD

We are going to create an interactive, expendable, bilingual Romanian and Hungarian portal to present the natural and cultural values, determine the thematics, we are going to group the movies, photos created as the result of the researchcollected technical literature based on the 8 chosen location. The contract validity period is throughout the implementation period of the ROHU53 project till Technical description of the construction: The activities realized by subcontracting will be conducted over two years consecutivewith reporting interim results at one month after the completion of fieldwork, respectively, reporting the final results in three months after the completion of the second year of field activities.

Alina Maria Capota liked this on Facebook. Material conditions of participate: Comparative survey using scientific methods of the significant mounds kunhalom, kurgan regarding nature and heritage conservation.

Pompierii bihoreni, câștigători în Campionatul Național de Atletism și Cros !

The Institutional System of Implementation — implementation plan The document will be prepared in English.

Coroiu Natalia liked this on Facebook. The implementation of ecological restoration works according to the Feasibility Study and the application form of the project. Proiectare si asistenta tehnica pe perioada de executie 2.

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razvan de la oradea sunt pompier

IT equipment and electronics in the project: For more information please contact Mrs Livia Baruta at e-mail ajofm bh. Pocket transmitter for guitar and bass Metal pocket transmitter with 4pole TQG connection: Selection criteria supplier 1 Business or organization which acts in nature conservation area, 2 field trip organizing experience is an advantage.


Add public procurement

The mobile app will use the data stored in oadea web portal, but it also allows you to save some information temporarily for use offline. The document will be prepared in English. After the programming comes the testing and the corrections. Service advertising materials created within the project – Allocated budget: Information and data necessary to establish which the responsible authorities are that need to be consulted for the authorisation.

Content development services for tables, info points, and for the application in 3 languages, peer-reviewed. Selection criteria supplier Organization or enterprise with experience in environmental education 1 with reference 2 with at least 3 years nature conservation experience 3.

Maria Veres liked this on Facebook. The restoration of relations association continuous monitoring realized. Services included in the organization of the 1-day thematic event: