I tested this once but got access denied error. Following example we provide the hash of the user token. Is it possible not to display the last part of the standard message: If you want to schedule the shutdown at a specific time you can use -t switch to specify the time in 24 hours format. What Is Windows Sysinternal?

psshutdown do sysinternals

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Leave this field empty. This would be a problem if the local user does not have privileges to reboot the system. If we have a lot of remote systems to run command this option will be very useful. You can run the below command for this purpose. You can use PsShutdown command even for sysinternlas a remote computer.

I tested this once but got access denied error.

PsShutdown – Shutdown or reboot a computer – Windows CMD – SScom

If you want to schedule the shutdown at a specific time you can use -t switch to specify the time in 24 hours format. We will look these tools below. That is not possible with default Windows. In this example we will list files located at C: I am also not sure if this command works reliably.


How To Use Psexec Tools To Run Commands and Get Shell Remote Windows Systems?

Please suggest me a simple way of doing this. Such a command would save lot of time for system administrators.

psshutdown do sysinternals

Hi, There are different ways but most used way is using mimikatz especially in penetration tests. The binaries can be used accordingly.

psshutdown do sysinternals

Most of the these tools are provided in 32 and 64 bit architecture. Once the commands finished the remote instance will be deleted. Running commands on the remote system is very useful feature but there is another useful feature which will easy system administrators and pentesters jobs.

Shutdown/Reboot remote computer from command line

Remote desktop comes handy for those situations. Online Interactive Python Tools and Services. This command will run local system. After running command on the remote psshutddown the command output will be printed into the current standard output which is our current shell.

Upto now we have run commands remotely.


psshutdown do sysinternals

You can see below how to use this tool. There seems to be some 3rd party tools available for such functionality. The syntax of the Ps exec is like below. More Recent Posts How to check if Windows 32 or 64 bit?

Shutdown/Reboot remote computer from command line

In this example we will copy the cmd. After the execution of pswhutdown command finished the remote system connection is closed. You can use the comments section below for this. Feel free to share your experiences with remotely shutting down a system. PsFile command can be used to to list or close opened files.

syxinternals Run Command Remote System. User console simply means user desktop. Up to now generally we provided commands to run remote systems. For example, to schedule remote computer shutdown at 3: