I think I was on the last firmware Dark Alex did before this one, 5. Also I just want to say, this forum is extremely helpful, Thanks. If you need any help post back and ill find my PSP out and double check. Separate names with a comma. Thandor , Nov 6, , in forum: Did you try it?

psp 6.39 firmware

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Jul 14, Ragol. Does every 3DS game that require a specific firmware comes with it? For this, look at the second part.

Pro-C PSP CFW for Released!

Draft saved Draft deleted. It 639 me days and than still it wasn’t clear but i am a total noob for psp i even had to do research on the abrev XMB: When you have firmmware custom frimware installed you should be able to press “select” when on the XBM menu.

If your PSP has 9g, you can’t install the 6. Cheaper then ever, easy to hack, and a vastly catalog of games to choose from They are much easier to install and games that needed patches to work on old Custom Firmwares, work without problems now.


Best of both worlds I think you will agree. Thanks, very clear and easy to follow instructions.

You forgot or more likely didn’t know to put newer PSP 9g model can’t do permanent patches. We can see that my PSP is a 1.

Install or use custom firmware on any 6.39 PSP [PSP, PSP Slim, PSP 3000, PSP Go]

Cool, will be sure to try it soon. TreborJul 20, Do you have anything I could improve in my tutorial? I also added the downgrading option for the people who want to have the permanent 6. Let’s just hope Fiirmware gonna be able to hack it.

psp 6.39 firmware

If you can not permanently flash custom firmware: Or do you have anything to add? Did you try it? Scroll down again until you see the System Information and press X again. The custom firmware will stick until you power your PSP off.

MasterChiefJul 18, Question What is the lowest firmware on which every game works on CFW and virmware reasons to stay on 4.


//// PRO-C2 () + Yoti mod –

TheProxyOne Nov 30, Figmware titles only Posted by Member: No, create an account now. Log in or Sign up. Thanks for the guide Time to update all the way, i hate the 88v3 boards. Old Custom Firmwares were mostly limited to older Firmwares that were patched very fast.

psp 6.39 firmware

This guide will be divided into 5 parts. Mar 4, Switzerland.

psp 6.39 firmware

When custom firmware is on your PSP you can use emulators, homebrew applications and even backup your games to the memory stick. I’m not very sure about the 9g pspp, so if you have any info or I did something wrong, please write it in this thread. Yes, my password is: