This also prevents electrical noise which is caused by continuous key scans. That is something you have to do in the dll itself. Hopefully a new version will be released soon. Now i was mailed some time ago by a guy named ‘Chris Lansley’ who lives in the UK. You don’t have to use both, but you do have to call them with both.

pertelian software

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LCD Smartie

Same as degree, but then a full size usually black block Mail sign: We can hardly contain our excitement, so check back often for bug fixes and added features.

Smartie was softare first program i wrote and therefor isn’t quite the best kind of code. This means that the keypresses are dealt with immediately without any appreciable latency. An iTunes plugin has been written by Gareth Price.

Pertelian LCD Display

I cant say more about it right now. I build a new site, the old one was kinda boring. Feel free to download our new release and test it. Support for the VL System L.

LCD Smartie – A free open-source LCD program!

Well sadly i had to remove them. Now i was mailed some time ago by a guy named ‘Chris Lansley’ who lives in the UK.


The program support pages are moved to our new host! Now we have a new up-to-date download section with links for all plugins available!

pertelian software

Displays the date using the format given by the ShortDateFormat global variable, followed by the time using the format given by the LongTimeFormat global variable. A WinAmp title splitting plugin by Limbo.

Pertelian LCD Display

These can be used to scroll ur LCD, or skip a track in winamp. This will not contain much new stuff, but only a few bug fixes and some other requests. After a successful beta, and release candidate, the LCD Smartie team is proud to announce the latest official release! Also added a new pic. There will then be a long period with no further releases as work for 6.

pertelian software

If the mm specifier immediately follows an h or hh specifier, the minute rather than the pertelin is displayed. The time is not displayed if the date-time value indicates midnight precisely. I didn’t know nothing offcourse and asked howmuch. Also you must know that if you are playing Return To Casle Wolfensteijn you have to set the gamestats to Quake3 because this is the same engine Q3 engine. For security reasons it’s always a good idea to upgrade to the latest browser version.


Because I didn’t have any plans for the code and was accually hopeless that i could find a programmer who accually WANTS to program new versions of smartie, i decided to make smartie opensource.

Also Servowire continued making gSmartie gnome for linux. You don’t have to use both, but you do have to call them with both. I know there is a problem when you close the program.

The file is available for download from program forums and should be placed in LCD Smartie directory. LCD Smartie is now open-source! It is build with 10 functions.

This is not only because prtelian just don’t have time for it anymore, but also because the code is eprtelian a mess. That will automaticly done if you don’t fill in any port.

This is how you can look at your character: Plugins I told you that there would be plugins in version 5. If you turn it off you don’t check for a new version startup.