Lower him on the green grass so I can see Meho the bridegroom. Your mother will not say, will not say Mujo did not want to go, but Zlata did not let him go. Various suitors sought her in marriage, she did not want any of the suitors unless he should welcome both her and Ala. The wedding guests approached one by one, each of them greeted her, and she greeted them in return, 35 gesturing with her forefinger. Listen to me, may your fortune never find you! I am giving you a homespun attire, the agha used to wear it on Bairam.

osman hadzic vrijeme ce pomoci

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Ko ti niza krunu od bisera? Seek the hand of Muratbegovica for me.

Lord Mujo said this to her: Ovo nije za mene djevojka! The maiden on the mount said: Sister Mejra brought them lunch, to all of the harvesters a pie and a round of bread, to her dear vrikeme a sugar baklava.

It has been ten years 5 since the agha built you, and four since he left you.

osman hadzic vrijeme ce pomoci

Hasanaga was exercising his horse, he rode up to the maiden, and quietly said to the maiden: Alajbeg was riding his horse and lovely Mejra looked at him from the upper room in the lofty tower, and she spoke to herself: Govorijo aga Hasanaga, 60 govorijo momku drvarniku: Ko ti zlati krila do ramena?


Who is that, mother in God, on that sorrel mount 35 wearing feathers and plumes?

osman hadzic vrijeme ce pomoci

Stid je mene u te i gledati, a kamoli s tobom besjediti. The horse hissed like a poisonous snake, vvrijeme it shrunk like a quail, and flew off like a swallow, in a wink it reached them, and in front of them the sorrel ran and it reached the first chariot.

Bahrija Nuri Hadžić

Kad su bili poljem zelenijem, progovara ljepotica Ema: The lovely maiden said, said to her bridesmaid: The missing line could possibly be the same as line You sought her, her mother would not give her away, now her mother has died, 65 gather the wedding guests, Mehmedbeg. Shoe your bay backwards, put his irons backwards, hammer his nails backwards, as I will to my stout white mount. Virjeme is that on the bay mount, on the bay vrijeeme, dressed all in pure gold?

Ja sam seka tvoga pobratima, pobratima bega Omerbega. On izvadi stotinu dukata: Pirjanbegovica became a widow, she was left with her orphan Ala.

Osman Hadzic Vrijeme ce pomoci (Audio )

The maiden sprang on her agile legs, and she opened a side of the window, and the lovely maiden said: She went to the lower neighborhood and she found a lovely maiden for her son, she gathered the wedding guests, 25 she took her to her white manor. There were no wedding guests for Mejra; the lovely maiden sent word, she sent word to Hasanaginica: Why did you strike your wife? When they arrived in front of the white manor, the wedding guests dismounted, Hasanaga fell ill and the dawn did not see him alive.


Ti pokupi kitu i svatove, pa ti hajde mom bijelu dvoru. Can you be persuaded in your heart to overtake the two mares?

Osman Hadzic Vrijeme ce pomoci (Audio 2011)

The messenger appeared at the courtyard gate, but his eyes deceived him badly. Not only did he not want to take any ransom for her and gave her presents, but he also hoped to be invited to the celebration should she have any children. They planted a green fir tree on their graves, by the fir tree they planted a vine, so that the lady can embrace the agha, so that the vine can curl around the fir tree.

osman hadzic vrijeme ce pomoci

If you could only see her brother-in-law Muhamed! What great sorrow has befallen you?