A Photosimile controlled lighting environment is the perfect companion for any digital camera. Turn on your camera and visit http: Captured images do not require editing and can immediately be used in any web and print application. Click to see operation live demo. Coloreal eBox was the first product of its kind and was at the forefront of photography innovation by integrating remote capture and image processing software with a desktop product photography studio to standardize and simplify the product photography workflow. From image capture to publishing, the studio and the software work in unison. All Ortery studios and turntables provide a large Live Preview when used with a compatible camera.

ortery photosimile 200 software

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Administrator Account for all Windows OS. Page 3 If the software is phohosimile in use, then the lights can be controlled using the switches on the light box. Ortery is constantly developing new and improved hardware and software product lines.

Quality Control Controlled lighting generates consistent results time after time. Image Database Creation Photosimile is ideal for quickly capturing and storing hundreds of images per day. Even today, the patented design where the camera automatically travels along a rail inside the studio is still ahead of its time.

Launch Photosimile control software from the Start Menu or desktop.

Computer Controlled Product Photography | Photography Automation

Photosimile, a PC-Controlled Photography Studio, is like having a professional photographer on softwarw and is an innovative product invented by Ortery, which owns 9 different worldwide registered patents covering more than claims.


The next generation, PhotoBenchLiveStudio and the entire Infinity series will continue to carry the torch toward complete product photography automation and the ability to take better pictures, easier and faster than ever before. InOrtery Technologies set out to design and bring to market a solution that would allow anyone to efficiently capture high-quality results that could immediately be put to use for any application.

A year later the Coloreal softwware later branded the Photosimile was born. Working with PhotoCapture Turntable: Tutn it with mouse to view 3D. Ortery is the registered trademark of Ortery Technologies, Inc. If your shutter release cable does not fit, contact your Ortery representative for a custom solution.

ortery photosimile 200 software

Find out more about how Ortery can help streamline your photography workflow. Mac and Windows compatible software from Ortery are not identical.

The control software turns the studio lights on and asks you to turn on your camera. GX with Ortery Firmware. First, there was the copier and facsimile, then the scanner – now with Photosimile, office employees can have a point-and-shoot solution for creating 3D color images for enhanced business communication.

Note that with most compatible cameras, changes to.

Ortery Photosimile 200 Operation Manual

Settings specific to getting the right shot or for creating consistent results can be remembered and re-used over time. Using a computer inside the product photography workflow makes it possible to minimize the steps involved between capture and publication by efficiently handing image processing using batch and other one-click photosimule to get things done faster.

ortery photosimile 200 software

Related Manuals for Ortery Photosimile No related manuals. The Photosimile Operation Guide. Ortery is committed to continually innovate and introduce new technologies that help companies communicate more effectively and efficiently. Batch Processes Using a computer inside the product photography workflow makes it possible to minimize the steps involved between capture and publication by efficiently handing image processing using batch and other one-click protocols to get things done faster.


In order for a compatible camera to communicate with the Photosimile control software, it will need to be set to the right settings. Quick eMail and Application Link Images taken with Photosimile software and a compatible camera can be quickly shared with others via email, dropped into any other image editing application or saved to a designated folder.

Ortery Technologies Builds Product Photography Studios and Software

While in Live Preview you can view crop markers, zooming and camera setting changes in real time. Save and Re-Use the Best Settings. Summary of Contents for Ortery Photosimile Page 1: Create your photosikile and camera settings once, and then reuse them over and over. Register the system and download the latest software version from http: First, there was the copier and facsimile, softwar the scanner – now the Photosimile allows office employees the ability to create images for enhanced business communication.

We will strive to provide our customers with the best product photography solutions available.