Request message start character -rsc is used for manufacture specific request messages. Default time waited until a failed connection attempt is repeated. Furthermore the user needs to be in the groups dialout and plugdev. The available driver settings, device settings and channel settings can also be found in the Javadoc of DriverConfig. Device address -a is mostly needed for devices with RS, default is no device address. Out of the box support for several popular communication protocols.


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Used by data logger implementations. You must accept the license to download this software. All possible settings with a short description and default values are listed in the following table. Function Codes more detailed information about how the driver works.

HeiPhoss – OpenMUC

The WebUI is mostly for configuration and testing purposes. To install OpenMUC just download the latest version and unpack it to your favourite destination. These libraries do not depend on the OpenMUC oopenmuc and can therefore be used by any Java application. Since the driver accepts only a decimal channelAddress 0x must be converted to decimal.


Click on Applications and select Simple Demo Visualisation. Possible values are e. If not already done, your system needs to be prepared once for serial openkuc.


Group: OpenMUC

Next we will take a look at app. Till now the driver has been tested with some modules of the Wago Series with the Fieldbus-Coupler This way developers may write a website that integrates into the main menu of the web interface. Timeout -t sets the response timeout in milliseconds, default is In this tutorial you will learn how to add a plugin to the WebUI as well as how to display data from opeenmuc configured channels.

Read DI 3 from first left module Register Address 0x This tutorial describes opennuc we developed the simpledemovisualisation.

Welcome to OpenMUC

From the shell you can start, stop and reload bundles among many other things. Time waited for a read operation to complete. The Linux start script is a sophisticated bash script that can be used to start, stop, restart OpenMUC.


Default time waited until a failed connection attempt is repeated. Driver implementation do NOT receive this settings! Additionally, the records off all available channels can be read in one go, by omitting the ID from the address.

Maven Repository: c

The framework folder contains the following important files and folders:. Here we select our home1 device and continue with access selected. Let us first look at the Channel Access Tool which provides the current value of each channel and also enables you to write values.


We use cookies to improve your web experience. You will learn how to develop your own OpenMUC application.


Inside these round brackets we define an async function openmuf getAllChannels’ return value as a parameter. But if you want to process sampled data or control a device you will want to write your own application. The resulting address would be: License Agreement You must accept the license to download this software.

Please contact us for an individual license agreement if the license terms shown below are not suitable for you. Oenmuc you are more interested into technical details you could proceed with the Architecture chapter instead. In example 1 the channel is sampled every 4 seconds which means the data manager requests every 4 seconds the current value from the driver.