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mount and blade warband floris expanded mod

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Oh and I would recommend fiddling around with the tournament settings, if you still dislike the torunament you can turn the features off; certain features can be toggled or you can just set it all to vanilla mode. As the kind gentleman above has mentionned, enlisting in an army is a good idea.

Floris Mod Pack for Mount & Blade: Warband – Mod DB

When ever press backspace shows map but also gives a blank page unable to see field anymore. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. If anything, it’s that, among many other problems, it is hard for totally unreasonable and inmersion-breaking reasons. This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

It would be nice to let me know you’ve used it. You will have to do this every time, but the added mobility will ensure you see some action. I think you guys have some problems with understanding the concept of something sucking for reasons other than just being hard. At first it looked great. Mpunt your patient enough you will discover many more awesome features to perhaps null out the bad.


Also sorry for necro bump, I found this topic from googling about Floris mod issues, and had to chip in on it since so many people praise this crap for who knows what reason This version is a downgraded version moount Expanded, allowing people with lower computer specifications to still experience Floris. I heard there is a feature in this earband that makes you be able to revolt against your leader and take his throne, is that true? Floris Mod Pack 2.

I want a singleplayer mod, that doesn’t change the campaign setting I know I know, so hardand lets me use the savegame I’ve been playing with. I was fine with pikeman, I’m playing the game in english thankyouverymuch and I’m not even english myself, which is even mouunt outrageous. This is a combination of a lot of good mods created by the community, bringing them all together and enhancing your gameplay experience.

For the stuff created by me: Once your own skills get better, and you get better gear and mount and troops, you will be able to run over people and help your group out, who are now also doing better on their own.

mount and blade warband floris expanded mod

No articles were found matching the criteria specified. Right now I’m looking forward Silverstag, which apparently expandev from the same modder but with less crap. This is just Native gameplay with some added music, sounds and items. I do hope that they created interactions with the old ones so you still can’t have more than 8, but something tells me they didn’t. Link to Floris Mod Pack by selecting a button and using the embed code provided more If you have any request for an additional mod to be added, just head to the Suggestion topic, and I’ll see what I can arrange for the next version.


But when you publish a mod that uses resources mounh other people, you warbnd to have permission.

mount and blade warband floris expanded mod

And so on and so forth. It contains three versions: Thinking about how that fails, and not succeeding. There are quite some mods, scripts and other sources flotis, sometimes partially, in the Floris Mod Packs.

When I start the game with the modem and enter the tournaments, it’s a game that crashes, it will help me fix it???? Because reading forums looks like everyone and his mother loves it.

Floris Mod Pack for Mount & Blade: Warband

Now I’m even poorer than when I had nothing. That doesn’t sound like “rags to riches” to me anymore. If you’re a modder yourself and you’d wish to fiddle with Floris, this is what you need: And I don’t see why anybody would lend thousands of denars to the first idiot who comes by.