Use a constant value or configure a variable resistor channel. Download the Videos now Alternatively, if you would prefer to, you can purchase the high-definition videos immediately. Also you can chose the language and the COM-port. View without attached board If an incorrect COM port is set, it can be set new in the terminal window of the KopterTool. The saved parameter set could be viewed or printed out using a text editor. Wine from Unopened Bottles. Das MikroKopter -Tool sollte in einem Order z.

mikrokopter mk tools

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GPS-Positions tols within from starting point can be extended by a seperate license automatic camera releases in certain distances failsafe-position for the case of RC-tranmission lost Point-Of-Interest: Eine Beschreibung des EasySetup und der einzelnen Reiter gibt es hier: A description of each displayed information you will find here: With Restart the KopterTool starts with the new language.

Every parameter set can be given a representative name. Here you can see if the Kopter wants to yaw still in one direction. If you are just getting started with Mikrokopter Boards which, incidentally are some of the most sophisticated multi-rotor aircraft avionics boards on the marketyou will save time and avoid headaches with these videos.


mikrokopter mk tools

Normally a channel with a variable resistor poti on the RC-Control is used here. The cost of the Quad can be split into 3 distinct groups: Using the buttons miktokopter, 9, 10, 11 you can enter different menus.

The next problem is accurately marking the holes, I used OOo draw to make some templates: Motor Safety Switch 4.


Update Alternatively, it could also be used an older version of KopterTool. Under Address choose the Motor to test. Can we do Lunner? Throughout an unfavorable assembly of parts it is possible that the center of gravity is not in the middle.

Flight-Ctrl V3.0 Complete Set

Jedem einzelnen Kanal Ch1: Hier kann dann links unten der COM-Port eingestellt werden: The gyros can drift over time and in crashes so it’s good idea to check them from time to time, especially if there are sudden jittery movements, as that can be a sign of drifting.

For the on-screen display OSD a data connection is required for the Kopter. Nach Beendigung des Motortest den Eintrag Motortest activ wieder deaktivieren.

mikrokopter mk tools

Latest Software download The latest software for the individual components of the Toolw can be downloaded with the KopterTool.

An explaination of the download you will find here: Using ‘Read’ you can read a parameter set from the MK. The contact “1” is marked on the boards with a print. If a setting was created or changed, it has to be stored under its number in the MK ‘Write’ – the MK responds with a number of short beeps corresponding to the set number.



Left down the COM port can be set. Additional inputs and outputs, as well as a free UART interface are also integrated for future use.

mikrokopter mk tools

The red arrows mark each pin “1”. MK Tool documentation is available on-line at Mikrokopter’s Wikibut these videos provide a much easier-to-grasp introduction to what each of the parameters a beginner needs to know about, along with the most likely settings required.

toools Determinates the influence of the gyroscope on the nick and roll velocity. Getting the parts for the brushless drivers is a bit of a hassle, Farnell is very expensive and I know no other parts supplier that allows ordering of small numbers of components as needed, so I had to deal with Reichelt.

Informations how to use the OSD for e. Small values allow only low altitudes.

Altitude Hold AH 6.