Gbile Akanni Messages – Unofficial September 17 at 8: Young men and women who will say: How can someone miss God’s encounter? The Holy Spirit is speaking to you now… He is reminding you of your distance from God… Imagine if you had died in your sins yesterday morning…. Skip to content This message blessed my life and I will like to share it with you. And he divided unto them his living.

messages of gbile akanni

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Is He not enough to tell people about? Gbile Akanni Messages – Unofficial September 20 at 9: Brother, if this is the generation that will usher in a move of God in our days, then, those who have not forgotten what they saw in the church in the 80s and 90s must not keep quiet in a time like this….

messages of gbile akanni

Because they would have known that already our churches are filled with people who are ready to die, anytime for the gospel …. It is needful therefore to consider certain necessary things concerning the word which will enable you face the right direction in seeking it.

Email Address never made public. No one can confess your sin for you after you are dead. Many in the hospital now, with few days to live are begging and crying, if God can give them a little more time, that they will preach this gospel under the rain and sun… And they mean it…. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Enough of the prayer topics of: Set us ablaze for the mission of soul winning in this end time Like Like.

messages of gbile akanni

Oh lord fill me and send me or you kill me. Yes, if those who came out from Bible schools are now using their certificates to raise only funds, God will bypass them and use those who has not gone to Bible schools…. He will get hold of witches and wizards… And those arm robbers on the highways, He will Clean them up and fill them up with Himself and use them mightily in this end time…. The chance to therefor shape your future is in your hands.


This is scary… But it is a serious matter! So life starts from the moment we are Born B until the day we Die D. tbile

Gbile Akanni ( – )

Churches are everywhere around us, yet, there is a spiritual famine in Africa… The kf of the gospel is suffering bankruptcy in our time… This is not the same gospel the apostles preached… Something has happened to the Word of God in our mouths…. The greatest hindrance of revival in our time is not Islam… The pulpit in our mesages is the greatest enemy of the expected move of God in our days….

This booklet is a guidepost to help you choose wisely. That was how God began a fresh labour over my life. It is your honour to use your mouth to confess your misbehavio His mother saith unto the servants, Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it. Brother, you that is healthy, what will God be saying about you when He sees that they are begging you bgile go to church?

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And we are here looking for churches where they will use convoy to come and pick us up from the airport… And you wonder why people feel like vomiting when they hear them calling you a voice in the land…. Victory largely depends on the choice made by the youth among several competing options.

You also complicate the issues the longer you linger to confess and forsake your sin. You would have gone to hell, and stay there, from now till the next 2billion years… And yet, that will be just the beginning…. Dear God,please help us mesages have real zeal for the Kingdom assignment.


A touching Message from Bro Gbile Akanni.

Congratulations for your big auditorium… I am happy for your 10th time services… But if heaven cannot find such men in your church,…. Preaching is not all about bringing out rhema but pushing out the life of God that have been embedded in you at the quarry site”. These and more are what you’ll understand after listening to this powerful message by Bro.

How can someone miss God’s encounter? Gbile Akanni Messages – Unofficial September 14 at 9: You are commenting using your Facebook account.

If there is no 5star hotel reservation, they will not honour the invitation to preach … And yet, they are General Overseers… Overseeing passionless men and women who are like them… Where as, their mates in Islam has burnt their school certificates, refused juicy contracts, abandoned wonderful jobs and everyday they are sleeping in the bush and starving for months, receiving trainings, how to carry meswages terrorist attacks, all in defence of Mohammed… And we are here looking for churches where they will use convoy to come and pick us up from the airport… And you wonder why people feel like vomiting when they hear them calling you a voice in the land… A voice ybile you gather people every Sunday, threatening them with their dead relatives… Turning them against their parents and everybody around them becomes a witch suspect… Is that what made you a voice?

Have you not played so much with the opportunities God has given you?