Bad romance by Lady Gaga guitar remix Mr. Learn Guitar App Promo mahalodotcom. Black Dubstep – Bonus Track. Gein with envy cover John 5. To book us for any event.. I do not own the song, the copyright belongs to the owners of the song.

mattrach bad romance backing track

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Black Dubstep – Bonus Track.

mattrach bad romance backing track

Greensleeve Jah – Bonus Track. Hey, this is Bad Romance, Originally by L.

For Y – Backing Track. Vous en voulez encore. Que nossas despedidas sejam um eterno reencontro.

How To Play Bad Romance On Guitar

He was born in France in and started to play the guitar at the age of 6. Find the latest in club remix music at euadug. Undergroove – Backing Track. I think there are almost thousand of covers of bad romance right now so I gave it a little twist, I hope you like it! Featuring Anna on voca. No subscriptions or fees!


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This is Rene Gonzalez, good friend and guitar player. One of the best songs i have heard in a long time! Dark Paradise – Backing Track. He’s written a full on baroque fugue based on the theme from Bad Romance by Lady Gag.

My Wii code for RB3 is in my channel. Dark Paradise – Bonus Track.

You can tell by the way I mess up occasionally, the buttons kinda stick, and sometimes I pla. Wait in My Room. This Is L – Backing Track.

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Just a little cover from a hungarian metal band, Leander. Game initial d ps1 for pc euadug. Run mattarch Die – Bonus Track. Rosemary’s Baby Main Theme.

mattrach bad romance backing track

Blast space chickens in Chicken Invaders. All credit does to him for Rhythm guitar, Drums, Ba. Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

mattrach bad romance backing track

Dechirage fomance ma chambre. Six years ago the original video of Bad Romance cover by Leander was uploaded to youtube. The tunning is half step down and the low E is tunned on C Born for Nothing feat.


Game fruit ninja frenzy apk Welcome to the dojo, ninja. Original by Lady GaGa You can buy my albums or singles here: Black Dubstep Bonus Track.