Electronic music label from Brighton, UK, est. Higher Learning by Lockah x Taste Tester. Always a tape recorder present. If you like Yahoo Or The Highway, you may also like: If you live around Aberdeen, especially out in the middle of nowhere where I grew up, most people get around in cars cos of the shitty public transport. Wish I still had some of those tapes! Maybe posting as Lockah makes it easier for me to say certain things, there is probably a psychological or literary term which explains it.


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Oh, and to pay my rent too. Things have changed in Aberdeen, there are basically no full-time clubs catering to underground dance culture now.

Ejay Extreme sounds fantastic from the title alone! Yeah, that EP was pretty much an experiment in how huge I could go ,ockah my sound. Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature “The Music of” tribute to French musical legends.

Lockah and Dawn Golden

The Donky Pitch nights here in Brighton have been crazy recently, hopefully that trend will continue! If you live around Aberdeen, especially out in the middle of nowhere where I grew up, most people get around in cars cos of the shitty public transport.



Usually while tearing into some of my gnarly-ass food at dinner. I wanted lockkah try and capture that same feeling, just simplified and shrunk down — so the main influence is Wu-Tang and classic Hollywood, not computer games as such.

Wish I still had some of those tapes!

I used to use Cool Edit which lockau pretty respected I think. What is Only Built 4 Neon Nites about? I was into all that stuff as a child before I hit double figures.


I spent a lot of time in my teens recording drums, synths, guitars and so forth in that bedroom. Checking out Coco Bryce for the first time, he was one of the early Lockah influences for sure. Devin Spikowski Some of the catchiest head bobbing stuff ever. Following the debut LP release of The Range who provided us with a mix a couple of months back, the label are on to to the next one. That and the fucking warm beers.

The build-up to a release is just the most exciting time to me. I recently interviewed Dan Shake who said his love stemmed from a free music making program called Ejay Extreme he found in a box of Shreddies! Purchasable with gift card.

BBC Radio 1 – Diplo and Friends, Lockah and Dawn Golden

Haha I saw, bucket hats and beers. That happens to be my favourite rap album ever, by the way. Cleft Locmah Twain Lockah — Heartless Monster Donky Pitch. This time the man of the hour is Lockah. Instead of just a record he helped Raekwon to make an incredible combination of a rap album, a cinematic soundtrack and even something with the vibe of an actual movie.



It was early, before the movie soundtracks and all that. How can we attend? Basically I was working exclusively with audio, so any beats that I made were created by dragging and dropping each sound into place. Yahoo Or The Highway by Lockah.

Lockah Tour Dates, Concerts & Tickets – Songkick

That was what I DJed mostly in those days. Every Song Was About U And with no friends, older siblings etc. It has this Billy Lockwh stadium feel to it.

Not very specialised, so that was definitely not the direction I was destined to move in at that point. Anything with some mad flavour that you could eat with your hands.