Once you’re in this mode, you can adjust the exposure up or down in 0. But based on two factors, resolution and quality, some pictures will be of a higher quality than others. The Preferences screen appears. The provided software bundle includes: Other options include magnified display, print ordering, and slide show display. Other than the excellent color, it’s primary attribute is probably ease-of-use, making it a good camera for people who don’t care for a lot of technology between them and the picture-taking experience. The three quality settings correspond to varying amounts of data compression applied to the images:

kodak dc215 zoom digital camera software

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With an image displayed full-frame, you can start a “slide show” by pressing the DO-IT button again. Accordingly, they adjust the exposure to produce this light level in the final image. We unfortunately neglected to capture a screen shot for this option. All the Playback mode menus and options are available, and will appear on the video monitor instead of the internal LCD screen. The rear of the camera is where you find the usual things that define a digital camera: Here is just a few examples of what you can do with your camera: But based on two factors, resolution and quality, some pictures will be of a higher quality than others.

Setting The Flash Setting the Flash When taking pictures at night, indoors, or outdoors in heavy shadows, your pictures need flash. The Preferences screen appears. Formatting Your Camera Memory Card Formatting Your Camera Memory Card If you own camera memory cards that have been used in other digital cameras, the cards may not be properly formatted for use in your DC camera, or the data on the cards may have become corrupted.


Koeak prompted, restart the computer when the software installation is complete. The bottom of the DC shows only the tripod socket, located in the extreme upper right-hand corner, as shown in the photo above. Wipe the lens or LCD screen gently with a soft, lint-free cloth or an untreated lens-cleaning tissue.

kodak dc215 zoom digital camera software

There are some flaws such as the tripod socket which is located on the extreme corner of the body. PhotoDeluxe provide wide range of image-manipulation functions, for “tweaking” your images after you shoot them. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. US default is English, for obvious reasons.

kodak dc215 zoom digital camera software

canera Templates become a permanent part of pictures taken in this mode. Power Switch The camera turns on when you slide the power switch to the right, the lens telescoping out when you do so.

kodak dc215 zoom digital camera software

Its megapixel images create photo-realistic prints up to 5×7″ on today’s printers. If you are connecting to a:.

Kodak DC215 Zoom – Millennium – digital camera Specs

Slide back and forth to select one of four major operating modes: Picture is too dark. The Self-Timer LED on the front of the camera will light for the first 8 seconds and then blink for the remaining two.

The DC’s resolution tested out at about lines per picture height in both the horizontal and vertical directions, about typical for kodao. Color printing is more memory intensive than black and white. Our standard tests are really oriented toward checking the maximum range in telephoto camerra, and we found that the DC’s flash worked well out to about 9 feet, reasonably well to 10 feet, then fell off rather rapidly beyond that distance.


The LCD monitor automatically turns on when entering Macro mode and the Macro indicator appears on the display.

Taking a “walk around the camera,” a front view shows the on-board flash, viewfinder window just above the lensthe lens itself, and several small openings for exposure and flash sensors and the self-timer alert LED. Adjusting your printer software settings.

Kodak DC215 User Manual

The lower end of this range would correspond to an average-to-bright residential interior, while the upper end is about equivalent to full sun at mid-day. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already half-pressed the shutter and locked the focus, it still takes over a second to capture the picture.

The Exposure Compensation is set incorrectly. This could be very annoying to someone attempting to photograph their young children or anything that moves quickly. Color printing takes more time. Viewing Camera Information Viewing Camera Information You can look up the amount of use the camera is getting, as well as verify the firmware version in the camera.