The definition grammar contains two parts: The following is a list of related documentation that may be helpful in understanding and using the JSpeech Grammar Format. The Unicode character set includes most writing scripts from the world’s living languages, so rulenames can be written in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Arabic, European languages, and many more. To add single line comment in your grammar file use double forward-slahes. Sign up using Email and Password. A token is a reference to an entry in a recognizer’s vocabulary , often referred to as the lexicon.

jsgf grammar

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The following are common examples. A qualified rulename includes only the simple grammar name and the rulename and is a useful shorthand representation.

Post-processor can use jsgff expressions or even some custom code to verify the requirements you need. A weight is a floating point number 10 surrounded by forward slashes, e.

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The grammar header includes a self- identifying header, declares the name of the grammar and declares imports of rules from other grammars. A sequence of legal expansions, each separated by white space, is itself a legal expansion. The JSGF file that recognizes a sequence of three digits contains the following lines: However, there may be programmatic differences in the representation of results produced by a recognizer when the user says something matching the grammar.


Note that an import statement is optional when an imported rule is always referenced by its fully-qualified rulename.

JSpeech Grammar Format

For example, recognizers for English usually handle apostrophes “Mary’s”, “it’s” and hyphens “new-age”. Sun, Sun Microsystems, Inc. Sign up using Facebook.

Asked 4 months ago. The two imported grammars define import rules regarding pants and shirts, including the lists of colors that shirts and pants may have. Note that because both a grammar name and a rulename or asterisk are required, the import statement is never of the form:. Sun Microsystems wishes to submit this document for consideration by the W3C Voice Browser Working Group towards the development of internet standards for speech technology.

jsgf grammar

First, the basic naming and structural mechanisms are described. In the JSpeech Grammar Format, a token is a character sequence bounded by whitespace, by quotes or delimited by the other symbols that are significant in the grammar:.

jsgf grammar

For example, a simple window control grammar might listen for “open a file”, “close the window”, and similar commands. In this instance the tag should be interpreted as a zero-length string “” in the Java Programming Language. Each rule has a unique rulename. The other major grammar type, the dictation grammaris not discussed in this document. Active 4 months ago. A legal rulename is similar to an identifier in the Java Programming Language but allows additional extra symbols.


However, most recognizers operate mono-lingually so a typical grammar will contain only one language. The following example shows how to recognize a sequence of digits of any length: In any case, we expect that any derived specification produced by the Consortium will have a different name.

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The following are examples of rulenames. So for example if you wish to name your grammar helloSpeech. Grammar tags are used to locate recognized words or phrases: You may name your grammar file hello. Suppose you want to recognize jsggf sequence of three digits.

With the pronunciation, the recognizer is able to listen for that token. If a grouping surrounds a single expansion, then the entity is defined to be a sequence of one item The JSGF file parser is extremely sensitive to file encoding and characters.

Most speech recognizers provide the ability to handle common symbols and punctuation forms.