On our new Downloads page! After we open sourced the code, I will continue working on the project and hopefully we can push it further with the help of some of you guys! Just click the green Download button above to start. If you enjoy our work, share and like us, so that others can also find our project. Michael has some in progress fixes but we could certainly need some more help there. Set maxplayers to 6 when Use Large Board is set, unless user changed max pl manually Client and server refactoring Other changes:


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Smaller, cleaner building panel Re-word counter offer text to: Screenshots Downloads and Resources Project site at github Version 1.

Java Settlers of Catan

One important thing jsettlerz mention: This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Before you start the game, have a brief look at the manualas there are some extra features in the UI, you should now about.

While Tom is finishing up some stuff on this major change, you can follow the progress on Github. See the Developers’ Page for a list of earlier updates.

Please note that the UI is, as always, not completely finished and will be subject to change. Beyond many other fixes and smaller improvements, this release includes the following: The new Alpha Release v0. The repository can be found at https: If you try to join a game, and there is someone in the game with the same nickname as yours, it won’t work.



This game is only in an alpha status! We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Hey together and a happy new year ! If you would like to practice offline or run your own server, see the Downloads section below.



This includes but is not limited to. You can download the packages of Alpha v0.

Java Settlers of Catan – JSettlers Developers page

Client creating a game on a server newer than itself might show a second New Game Options window In-game “Game Options” button: Send card type numbers with help message Server DB setup script: Best regards, Andreas PS: During Special Building Phase, a player can ask to Special Build after the phase has begun, even if this means we temporarily go backwards in turn order. The building menu now displays the number of buildings you have and the number of buildings in construction.

Player may skip cancel placing second free road, if they want to use just one jeettlers piece If jar client can’t connect to server, returns to first panel, with buttons to connect or practice Jsetttlers try to start server in JSettlers.

Chat text prompt “type here to chat” cleared when clicked D Campbell idea Other changes: Remember the player checkboxes chosen in previous trade offer Jstetlers new game options require a certain version, don’t warn unless the required version is newer than 1.


We have a lot of new exciting stuff for you: Couldn’t place initial road on 6-player board’s northernmost edge Fix infinite loop when robot leaves during game setup Game last-action time tracked, to detect idle games Debug commands now case-insensitive Updated Some of them even questioned if the project is still alive.

JSettlers Android In-Game

Turn a sheep, lumber, rocks and some grain into a settlement, bricks and wood into road, or try to complete other jsegtlers for more advanced buildings and services. I hope we will be able to get to a release soon a month or so.

If an info window’s already visible, show it instead of making another one Server –help message: So where will we go from here? Send card type numbers with help message Server DB setup script: This is actually by intention as it allows you to see what the AI does, how it does it and what could be made better.


The code is now developed by Jeremy Monin and this group, and hosted on this server, at githuband formerly at SourceForgePrevious development was by a different group, which went dormant in see previous sourceforge page.

I also want to say: