Advanced Search Search Tips. All JiffyDOS operations retain the built-in DOS error checking and correction routines to protect data integrity at higher operating speeds. Seems like the C64 Kernal is the same as J. The install went without any issues. This makes getting the pins into the slot a bit difficult. Outstanding speed, solid compatibility with virtually all hardware and software, and a new set of desperately-needed commands and features, gives your system a new lease on life and the power to compete with today’s newer, more-expensive machines. Ultra-high-speed multi-line serial technology enables JiffyDOS to outperform these products without any of their inherent disadvantages.

jiffydos c64

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Easy to install and worked great. Below are the installation guides and manual for JiffyDOS. Because it does not use any ports, JiffyDOS can work in conjunction with all hardware devices available for C64 and C Some cartridge-based fast loaders are only effective with Program PRG files.


Owning JiffyDOS also gives you access to some of the best product support available. Though it can be tempting to download one of the jiffydoz pirated archives of JiffyDOS images, we continue to encourage the community to support the above businesses and Mark Fellows by obtaining legal copies of JiffyDOS.


This makes getting the pins into the slot a bit difficult. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer.

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When CMD stepped out of the Commodore sales marketplace, the rights stayed with Mark, who set up jifydos royalty agreement with the firm that bought the remaining CMD stock. Vice is a much better emulator. The ROM chip is socketed so replacement is a snap.

jiffydos c64

No issues post install, and definitely speeds up floppy disk access for programs that don’t have their own speed loading routine. As well, the list of documents jigfydos currently incomplete. Spam Blocked 1, spam blocked by Akismet.

jiffydos c64

When purchasing from these secondary market sellers, please ask to see proof of JiffyDOS image purchase. JiffyDOS is intended to provide greater speed, commands and convenience than on stock systems.

July 11th, at No other distributors are currently licensed to offer JiffyDOS at this time. This switch remains functional when the system is powered on.


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Here is the directions. Instructions Manuals are provided online only and are available here: The install went without any issues. Over time, I hope to OCR and re-typeset these documents.

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If you can help with copies of documents not yet in the archive, please let me know. Please download the appropriate set when ordering. Drilling the hole for the switch is simple, just be careful and use the location recommended in d64 instructions. Heading to the Vintage Computer Festival East!

jiffydos c64

Note that the times shown are rounded off to the nearest second, and do not take into account the disk spin-up delay approx. For immediate orders, check out www.