Jal are currently working on their third studio album which is expected to be released in mid in both Pakistan and India. The single was a major hit all over Pakistan, topping all of the charts in the country, just after a month of its release. The band initially achieved commercial success with the release of their music video ” Aadat “, directed by Umer Anwar, in Jal accused the film producers of stealing their song, “Lamhay”. However, by the end of December , Atif parted ways with the band due to musical differences with lead guitarist, Goher Mumtaz, to pursue a career as a solo artist.

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In response to this accusation, the music director for the movie, Anu Malik, credited himself for only “re-creating” the song on the album, but there was still a heavily noticeable resemblance.

The following day, Jal released their first music video of the single “Sajni” from their second album, directed by Bilal Lashari. This page was last edited on 23 Septemberat All songs on the album were composed and written by Goher Mumtaz with the exception of one track, which is written by Farhan Saeed and the album was produced by Mekaal Hasan. Farhan was suggested by Sultan Rajabassist of Callwho introduced him to Goher and thus joining the band as its vocalist. Thus, the dispute ended between the two musicians.

Jal performed in front of an audience of Jal are one of the most commercially successful and influential rock music groups of all time in Pakistan.

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Soon afterwards, the band then went on performing across border in neighbouring country, India, at Modern School, New Delhi on 7 April. The song “Sajni” from this album also won the Best Urzan and Video of the Year awards at the same ceremony. By bamd time the band, with a new line-up, re-did the song ” Aadat ” as its video was already being aired on local music channels with the former lead vocalist, Atif Aslam’s, voice.


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Where as, five other songs from the album received Top 40 airplay on radio and music channels in Pakistan. The album was composed by Goher and was produced np3 well known musicians Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan and Mekaal Hasan, previously produced the band’s debut single “Aadat” which was a major hit in both India and Pakistan. On 13 July, the band once again travelled to Canada this time performing at the Wonder Land in Toronto.

Followed by performing live in the capital city of the state Andhra Pradesh, in Hyderabad, India. InJal struck a deal with Gibson Guitar Corporationbecoming the first South Asian band in history along with the Pakistani pop rock band Strings to create a working relationship with the famed guitar manufacturers. All acoustic ambient blues classical country electronic emo folk hardcore hip hop indie jazz latin metal pop pop punk punk reggae rnb rock soul world 60s 70s 80s 90s MyTracks MyArtists History My profile About Terms Of Use Contacts.

The album was recorded at Digital Fidelity Studios in Lahore, where the band also recorded their debut album Aadat in The band then soon started to perform at larger audiences such as in schools, colleges and local restaurants. On May 11, it was confirmed that Jal will be performing at Coke Studio season four first episode, which will be aired on May 22, through a Coke Studio television promo of the first episode.


In return, Gibson will sponsor the varied endeavours of the band and also provide concert halls and equipment as and when required.

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By this time the band, with a new line-up, re-did the song “Aadat” as it’s video was already being aired on local uraaj channels with the former lead vocalist, Atif Aslam, voice.

Please tye our facebook page! Also, the band is well known for being one of the few contemporary Pakistani music bands to have fused Urdu musical vocals with modern pop music.

Retrieved on 19 July This was followed by the song garnering consistent airplay on many local radio stations. Atif Aslam – The Express Tribune”. The new Single Khel sejna became 1 on taazi charts in just 10 days.

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Then going to performing live at Corianthas in PuneIndia. On 3 September, Saeed in an interview to The Express Uraaan finally confirmed these speculations, disclosing his departure from the band to pursue a solo career.

Saeed claimed that he disclosed his decision to Mumtaz and Aamir around the first week of Ramazan, saying “I invited them over to my cafe and explained my reasons for leaving the band. Following this, Jal also became the brand ambassadors for the Abu Dhabi based mobile telecommunication company, Warid Telecom.