The first is a simplified version that is small enough to run alongside other applications. The IC-R is supplied with power supply, controller, 3. Adapter will be required to connect to the PCR To see whether your Linux installation has this driver, type this into a shell session:. Site developed by Redburn Consultancy. JRX, Hamlib, serial interface, reality. JRX uses a number of advanced methods to make itself easy to use.

icom pcr1500 software

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IC-PCR Communications Receiver – Features – Icom America

At this point I have eliminated icok own code from consideration as a source for the slow communications, and have shown that Hamlib is producing long delays.

A total elapsed time of 8. It saves me a huge amount of time while debugging.

icom pcr1500 software

If you need that same command, you type it in again. The AH comes with a preassembled 50 foot cable with an N connector at each end.

icom pcr1500 software

To choose more than one frequency, press the control key down while selecting frequencies. To save a frequency to memory, you just press the button a little longer like a non-virtual car radio. Almost as fast as icm wheel.

The IC-PCR is a new versatile receiver that give you complete access to broadcast bands across the widest range of frequencies ever seen in a product of this type from 0.

You can also adjust the sampling rate. A remarkable project that is preventing a lot of duplicated effort. The frequencies you select don’t need to be adjacent to one another in the table. In this example, select a set of frequencies you’re interested in scanning and program them into a row of adjacent memory buttons.


First, using the Hamlib utilities rigctl and rigctld from the command line is a pain because they don’t support history — if you type something, however complex, it’s gone forever.

Icom PC Controlled Receiver: IC-PCR1500

The source file for the table is located on your system at user home directory. If this change was made, I would quickly reprogram JRX to take this into account, and avoid the present list of uninstructive values: To use it, choose a scan step and speed these controls also accept mouse wheel controlsave start and end frequencies in memory buttons, click one of the buttons defining the start and end frequenies, then click softdare of the scan arrow buttons to start.

Most sooftware these controls can be changed using the mouse wheel rather than selecting from a drop-down list. Most modern computers use a USB adaptor for a serial interface because most computer manufacturers regard an old-style serial port as a throwback in modern times, as well as a waste of precious ico on a laptop and this view has some merit. Recent JRX versions have a frequency table the user can click to change frequencies, as well as scan in much the same way as with memory buttons.

Over at the usbmon logging window, initialized above, for this command we see:. In this example we define more than two adjacent buttons, which creates the sotware for a “Program scan”, or a scan to specific frequencies defined in a set of more than two memory buttons. The other way to change frequencies, perhaps while hunting for a signal, is to scan.

IC-PCR1500 Downloads

The first is a simplified version that is small enough to run alongside other applications. Regular visitors to arachnoid. The usbmon log for this transaction, too long to include, shows a total softwsre time of milliseconds at the USB bus. If you’re looking for a way to program your radio’s memories, click here.


The older PCR radio’s reputation for slow communications is richly deserved, but the new radio represent a huge improvement in performance — once the Hamlib parameters are tuned. So I open a separate root shell session and say:.

Tune into Icom’s Latest PC Radio Receiver – News – Icom UK

For the record, this is how one invokes the rigctld daemon for maximum performance from a radio like the PCR In addition, the sweep data can be stored on your PC for future use. This arrangement allows a long frequency list to be broken up into logical groupings.

This has the advantage that I’ve tested JRX with a lot of different radios, including a problem-child radio the PCR that tends to react too slowly. This is meant to remind users of a car radio, which uses the same scheme to distinguish between reading and writing memory.

Readers may wonder what purpose is served by virtualizing a radio with controls — after all, the radio already has knobs and dials. But take a closer look — point your mouse cursor at one of the big green digits, then spin the mouse wheel.