In the film, One was mentioned but not seen as she died when Number Four was at the age of nine. Eight has a green crystal that emits a strong gust of wind. This rod is Nine’s primary weapon. After the fight, John meets Adam. One was discovered by the Mogadorians as her picture was taken by the police, as well as her ankle mark, after she attempted shoplifting to impress a guy. What is it with the guys in this series? It would just spoil the experience.

i am number four nines legacy

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So if you can go in with the right expectations, you will have a fun read.

i am number four nines legacy

Refresh and try again. Anu’s successor and one of Ra’s favorites. If you want romance, I’d look at any list on GoodReads designated for that type of reading. When Four uses the dagger, the handle wraps around his wrist.

Nine’s Legacy

Nevertheless, I can’t fully blame Maddy, of course even I would trade anything just for my parents. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Enabled Amazon Best Sellers Rank: She help arranged the escape on the second ship with Reynolds for the Chimera and Ella.

When the Mogadorians attack their hideout, she helps to fight back, but despite her and Sam’s best efforts, Ella is captured and Malcolm Goode is almost killed. Adam then ninea with the Chimaeras and Dust, while Rex stays behind to rejoin his fellow Mogadorians.

List of Lorien Legacies characters – Wikipedia

In The Lost Files: What other items do customers buy after viewing this foud Sarah is portrayed as an intelligent and extremely beautiful teenage girl with straight blond hair past her shoulders, ivory skin, high cheekbones, and soft nijes eyes.


But he had lost faith in the Loric cause and started to work for the Mogadorians, in exchange for his services his life will be spared when the Mogadorians take over the Earth.

You read about some cool gadgets that he makes to test out and train Nine with. This is more of a background filler novella vs. What can we sa Reading this book, I have learned the real “Nine”.

Who grabbed her hand while her Recupero Legacy was active, causing him to retreat in pain. Leggacy battle lines have been drawn. She first appeared to him as a bike courier and later revealed herself to him and Sarah at a hidden location where the ship the Garde used to escape the Mog invasion is hidden.

Nine’s story was quite tragic and I thought this novella was a worthwhile addition to the Lorien Legacies world since the series doesn’t really delve into the back stories of the Garde members. Later, when Five tried to bail her out, she later learn her legacies can’t affected by Setrakus Ra’s Dreynen.

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Nine’s Legacy

On the day of the Mog invasion, Lexa was contacted by Zophie, an old friend, to pilot a ship from a museum. Biscuit is left back at Ashwood Estates to protect Malcolm Goode. The Search for Samit is revealed that the General and Ivanick covered up Adamus’ betrayal and made it look like he died by the hands of Three. I must say, I was surprised. You can breeze right through it in an afternoon. The Pittacus Lore that Malcolm had talked was most likely to have been the Pittacus Lore that had assumed the title at that time, it is also hinted that Number Eight’s friend Devdan might have been the original Pittacus.


She chose relocation in hopes to make up for her mistake. On the other hand, I think I will just wait for future full-length novels as I fee This book is a little teaser – it gets you back in the action and a refresher on the Lorian saga, but it does drag in a few spots with 9’s moodiness.

Sustenance is a yellow cube that Nine found in his Chest, and claims that it satisfies one’s hunger. The plot is Nine has to try to go about his daily life without getting spotted by the Mogs.

In “The Fate of Ten”, he makes as broadcast stating that the Garde are alien terrorists, Earth has 48 hours to surrender or it will be done by force, and all humans developing legacies mutations as he puts it are to be researched.

i am number four nines legacy

Over time Malcolm becomes his mentor.