The default timeout value is 15 seconds for Microsoft Windows operating systems and 60 seconds for Linux. The components are installed in the order provided unless dependencies between components require installation in a different order. If it does, it prevents HP SUM from connecting to the remote server’s share because Windows only allows one connection from a client to a server’s share. Select Allow Downgrades to downgrade the current firmware to an older version. To view the component version history, click the new version number.

hpsum exe

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Patching ProLiant Firmware & Software with HPSUM (HP Smart Update Manager) on Windows Systems

Force attempts all updates, even if they have dependency failures. The server host pane is divided into the following columns: If the user has not changed the default option or has selected Upload and Activatea warning message displays, indicating that HP SUM will reboot the sxe during the firmware update process.

hpsum exe

For more information about the screen, see ” Selecting bundles to filter. Scripted deployment to a remote host Run HP SUM from a workstation and update a remote host over the network using scripts. Components from the HP FTP site are only presented for selection on the Select Items to Install screen if their versions are newer than what is already on the system.

Validate the target server can be accessed by entering net use x: These are the standard ports Windows servers use to connect to remote file shares.


HP Smart Update Manager Help

There is nothing for the component to accomplish. For more information on adding hosts, see ” Managing hosts. Selecting local access with administrator privileges as the login provides full access to any user with access to the local console, without prompting for a user name or password.

The skipped hosts can be accessed if the appropriate CLI switch is used or if Restart Update is selected on the Enter credentials for host screen.

These contain the target specific trace information.

HP Smart Update Manager Help

This argument enables you to override or downgrade the existing installation hpsuj the selected firmware components. Last Used – Enables you to sort the list by the most recently used hosts.

hpsum exe

Applies to firmware only. Select Enabledand then select Allow the connections. The two components were installed.

For more information, see ” Scripted deployment. Using HP Smart Update Manager in this environment enables you to use all the capabilities of IPv6 including link-local, site-local, and global IP addresses for both local and remote target servers.

hpsum exe

Each pane is divided into the following columns: Parameters can be separated by a semi-colon, comma, or a space. All components selected for installation are successfully installed.

The Edit Host dialog box appears.

No Device Driver Installed hpsu The devices supported by the components in this section are detected on the system, but HP Smart Update Manager requires a device driver before the component can be made available for installation. When two Onboard Administrators are in an enclosure, this parameter is the active Onboard Administrator.


This option is for Windows operating systems only. Please log in again.

Command line examples

HP SUM prevents version-based dependencies from destroying an installation, and ensures firmware updates are handled in a manner that reduces any downtime required for the hhpsum update process. Checking any other reboot options or setting a reboot delay is not exee Component selection pane The component selection pane of the Select Items to be Installed screen displays by component number order, unless a dependency causes the installation order to change components available for installation based on your server and hardware options.

Failed dependencies The component has a dependency that has not been met. Full paths can be added to the input file location if it is not stored in the same location as the HP SUM executables.

Graphical deployment to a remote host Are not familiar with command line tools. Click Startand then search for gpedit. Disabling the BitLocker Drive Encryption keeps the hard drive data encrypted.