Looking forward to see the latest developments. This then boots to a login screen. After his phone rings, does he hear “You are the only person in this conference”? Added by Demian Lizandro Biscocho about 1 year ago. Have you tested V4 by the way?


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Full featured and user friendly call center software.

GOautodial is now providing support via facebook. Installation was from iso image, on a VM, enabled network, changed ip to kamailio, rtpeng, etc. Drag and drop realtime dashboard. I have problems with the crednciales will not let me enter.

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Edited it to your local ip address? Goautodial 4 – Campaign is not calling. Goautodia booting the ISO I get the following screen. Asterisk version, telephony hardware model number is helpful herecluster information if you have one, and whether any other software is installed in the box.



This IS a requirement for posting along with reading the ggoautodial at the top of each forum and the manager’s manual available on EFLO. Called default [Jan 15 Configure with ease and confidence.


VMware Server Version 2. No more softphones and hardphones.


Resolve issues quickly via multiple channels. Try creating a new agent and use that instead agent It is not our choice, it is there by some reason In the meanwhile, the default login credentials for the web app:. Good news to everyone!


I also check the status of kamailio. Yesterday, when i stuck with GoAutodial, i tried Vicibox. Adding this to ONE carrier or making a generic carrier just for this will expose all dial attempts, even those that fail, to the asterisk CLI output: But administration goutodial, aesthetically, look older than me I’m 57 and i think it offers much-much more than i can use.

I have problems logging in to the agents.

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Hello, I managed to login by adding my ip addres in this file: I can’t find a single post explaining exactly why but it is there. It made my job better. Unable to find information for channel [Jan 15 Getting Started Guide v4. Christian, How did you solve the problem to access the web interface? It has has made our company more productive and succesful.


I took your advice about posting my configuration very seriously, but i cant edit my profile and add it as a signature. Goautodial is the best there isfastintuitive.

Have you gone over the Getting Started Guide? Jay Colon Hello Marketing.