But even more impressive are the customisation options: This is the resource pack I use and kept updated for myself. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. WoW Classic server list: Hope you guys like it. Its a great resource pack.

fvdiscos ocd texture pack

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oCd Texture Pack by disco_

Who says Minecraft should only be about the pseudo-fantasy, pastoral theme? I feel bad for even suggesting that this is silly now.

fvdiscos ocd texture pack

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Unmined ores sparkled in the darkness, weapons shine and lava seethes.

fvdiscos ocd texture pack

Its tones are softer, its wood warmer and its stone faded, all of which gives it a more natural feel. With these textures, Minecraft becomes posterized, but also an awful lot clearer. The best space games on PC. Lastly, I have to give credit to pxlhero’s update of the original ocd pack: Read More Minecraft console commands Minecraft skins Minecraft pck.


And the pigs are terrifying. Yes it does, and I doubt the names of the textures will change much, so it should work with the 1. And there you go, the best Minecraft texture packs.

Craft a new text post. Not sure how fvciscos grab and install one of these snapshots? Now enjoy what is by far the coolest of all the videos in this post. The blocks demanded it. Just check out the tdxture golem looks above. I have also included LapisDemon’s redstone power resource pack: As well as its slightly faded walls, its glimmering starfield and its gorgeous moon, this fvdiscis pack also features some fantastic tools and skins. This is an updated version of SidneyMC’s resource pack that can be found here, https: The colours seem a bit bolder and punchier.

It also gives much of the game a very worn look, which, it turns out, suits Minecraft very well indeed. As natural as a world made from giant blocks can ever be, that is. Want to add to the discussion?


Not happy with the pack you just downloaded? This is the resource pack I use and kept updated for myself.

oCd Texture Pack for MC / / / / / (16x) | BlockMinecraft

The theme is actually disco, hence the funky trailer. Log in or sign up in seconds. WoW Classic server list: But even more impressive are the customisation options: Promoted WoW Classic server list: Jolicraft feels like a warm summer day.