Again, I’m not exactly fond of this scenario where the same puzzle gets repeated four times. DEH file, you start with no bullets. Level Design With a whopping 32 levels to go through this mod will not disappoint. Just make sure you don’t teleport back in front of a rocket you’ve already dodged Well, and now the key question: It is well designed, has plenty of levels, and is a totally new spin on the classic shooter.

doom 2 cyberdreams

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Conclusion This mod will not disappoint! This must be done in order to reach the exit, as pushing the switch which reveals the exit activates a trap that captures the player, leaving him free for the Cyberdemon to kill.

At least, not on a scale as great as this; certainly, a precedent for such action had been set in earlier levels, most popularly in Sverre Kvernmo ‘s “Bad Dream”, the hidden map in TEETH. We really tried to avoid it, but cybersreams some cases it seems impossible, because of the design of the level. The mancubuses involve some tricky timing, but a lot can go wrong with the spiders.

Your rocket-firing friends must be brought low via telefrags and crushers. The second wave comes with a minor wrinkle — the switch to kill them is guarded by the crusher you used to take out the first wave of Cybies.


Wow, they weren’t kidding! Rather than having to hit all of the switches that arose out of the floor, you only have to hit the correct one to open up the exit hallway. The second and third rooms use the same setup, except with the second it’s two Cyberdemons blinking around, and in the third you just have to use the teleporter to hit the switches to crush the Cybies guarding the exit buttons. About conventional bugs, we have detected a couple of HOM in maps 8 and The finale has a fitting Cyberdemon salute.


Cyberdemons are guarding the switches that activate their crushers. Thank you and good luck.

doom 2 cyberdreams

Music The music that is used is what we all know and love. Just make sure you don’t teleport back in front of a rocket you’ve already dodged Moments later my excitement turned to panic and doom heart began racing from hearing the screeching sounds coming from the cyberdemon as I tried to figure out how to survive the encounter.

doom 2 cyberdreams

Okay, here’s something I wasn’t expecting. In one instance, the arachnotrons managed to off the Cyberdemon on their own as the Cyber managed to aggro all of them and was pain-stunned to death.

Success kills the first Cyber and then introduces an until now unexplored concept. When you finish the deed, the exit floats on down from the heavens, signalling the end of this excellent cybefdreams.

This is basically just a nerves of steel map. We’ll surely respect your opinion, but first Activate the turret crushers and don’t mess up your final ascent The architecture is abstract, primarily serving the gameplay.

doom 2 cyberdreams

I have cybrdreams gotten half way through and have been having a blast. Dolm put in cyberdrdams ring-shaped shaft with two Cyberdemons and must shoot a series of switches — they come in pairs — which raises the ground level up to the next. In Cyberdreams levels there is a bit of that risk, and a bit of our experience.


Just run the figure-eight track counter-clockwise, hitting switches and dodging the occasional rocket, and the four Cyberdemons will be ground into a fine paste.

It’s simply a matter of using your friend to clear the detritus before passing through the activation gate. It is well known for featuring puzzles involving Cyberdemons in each level, which the player is forced to solve without the use of weapons.

Cyberdreams – Doomworld /idgames database frontend

At the other tips of the platform you’ll find switches; hit them in order to open up the central chamber, a safe zone with a soul sphere. At least for us it’s clearly obvious that the REAL point of cyberddeams map is kill them all before exiting. It is well designed, has plenty of levels, and is a totally new spin on the classic shooter. You will notice some definite texture themes beige metal plates seem to be the big one but the levels show a broad variety of schemes.