Someone else is having trouble emailing me too but it seems to be working for me. This will help if you installed an incorrect or mismatched driver. I was out of town and did absolutely nothing to the camera. Do you know the firmware version of your camera? At that point you will see a Firmware Update menu item at the bottom of the first Canon menu. I have been setting it at 2 seconds but haven’t had enough flying time with it yet to say if that is a good setting. I had done all that; those things are mentioned in some instructions or forum post I had found but thank you for pointing them out in case I had missed them.

canon s100 chdk

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Installation of SDM/CHDK on to Canon PowerShot S100 – help please!

Yes I did originally want CHDK for its features but now I am hoping it can chk solve the problem by wiping the firmware to zero or whatever. Thanks Dave and Jim. I’m sure I’ll have more questions Any help or nudge in the right direction is appreciated! BAS” and got a “Ubasic 71 parse error.

canon s100 chdk

I’ve already seen some fantastic shots with it so have high expectations. Fvfvfv great its back working again. I finally got to grips with CHDK when setting it up for my new camera, well s100 least enough to do the things that I want to do with it. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons!


Download Canon PowerShot S Camera CHDK Firmware Rev for OS Independent

Tomorrow there are light winds forecast which should make for a great test session with the new beast. See simple example below. So Jim’s script works with Canon S? Then just cut and paste or drag and drop the script that you want to add.

I’m guessing it’s still being tested but is working OK? Of course if something you vanon or want – lua scripting, games, calendar, file browser etc etc has cnaon removed this is a disadvantage 2.

Installation of SDM/CHDK on to Canon PowerShot S – help please! – KAP Discussion Page

The sony is probably the first rx models but for canon you have some powershot g7x and other x with the same size 1″ sensor Sent from my SM-GF using Tapatalk Logged waterwingz Re: Please end my suffering! All good after a few false starts. Andrew Did you receive my email requesting the firmware version of your S? There is at least one web page showing how. CFG files before updating is recommended.

About Digital Camera Firmware: BAS and that seems to be working fine. I am very excited about trying some experiments with SDM on my s After that all was plain sailing. Firmware version is b. If any of it needs any extra explanation PM me and I will edit it. Logged fvfvfv 5 Re: CHDK is not a permanent firmware upgrade: This does not affect common modes like, M, P and Auto, but might affect scripts that use more obscure modes, especially if the are referred to by number rather than capmode.


canon s100 chdk

Like waterwingz said they are infmaous for this issue. If that still seems a bit complicated I have made a few notes about how to set up and work with this version of CHDK.

At that point you will see a Firmware Update menu item at the bottom of the first Canon menu. Logged maapinho 2 Re: It’s a hardware problem with a little connector that comes loose- you can even fix it yourself if you have the tools and skills. Note each camera’s firmware needs to be checked. I had some time this afternoon so here it is.