In the cases where Azureus feels quite sure that it knows what the client is, then it will put an asterisk next to the name. Both will be continued to be developed. As of Azureus 3. Azureus has two mechanisms to identify clients. So now some of those developers who do have families to look after, thanks get paid for their work, while being able to spend more time working on Azureus as well as Vuze. There’s been reports that a few tracker owners have banned Azureus 3 because it’s not Azureus.


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Please direct these tracker owners to this wiki page, and try to find out what the real reason for their ban is. Both will be continued to be developed. The overall health of the project doesn’t matter.


Vuze does not store these new metadata requests anywhere. The classic UI does not.

azureuw If a client is marked as fake, it does not necessarily mean that the peer is using a malicious client or a “hacked” version of the application – it just means that the client is misidentifying itself. Features and Highlights Access to Vuze torrent bundles Magnet link support Media playback Integrated meta search for content discovery Access to plug-in library for customization options Robust settings and options for ultimate torrent control Remote control via web or mobile app Device Playback Media device detection and video conversion Swarm Discoveries advanced content discovery Burn DVDs from directly within product Vuze Free allows one free trial burn Note: Hence, we’re not forcing you to use it, nor are we dropping support for the Azureus 2 interface.


One thing which is especially of use to us is the peer ID of the client.


No – we’re not going to release separate versions because there’s absolutely no advantage for us or for users. Requires Java Runtime Environment.

Version 3 Changelog – VuzeWiki

It simply reads the request and returns the metadata. The Vuze UI will check for updates of the aureus thumbnail, title, rating, etc of Vuze content. Plug Fixed bug where previously removed child menu items would still be present when generating some menus [amc1].

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We’re not going to do it with the Vuze interface either. You can get Azureus azurrus start up with the “classic UI”, and none of the Wzureus interface code will be loaded at all.

And so then we would have to change that code so that identifies itself differently, which may mean actually forking the code. If you prefer a direct. Vuze is purely a different skin for the Azureus core – anything you can download with Azureus you can download with Vuze. The only difference there is that the JAR file containing all the class files is bigger – probably in the azuresu of 3 or 4 MB at most.

Sourceforge is meant for open source projects – which Azureus is and always has been. That way, you can see the progression of the Vuze interface. There are options available in Vuze to make it look and act just like Classic UI.


We’ve yet to hear one.

Azureus 2 / 3 and Vuze – VuzeWiki

The Vuze UI needs to be kept in sync with the Azureus core code itself – and if they get out of sync, you’ll end up with a broken interface which you might not be able to resolve without installing. We wouldn’t release different versions of Azureus with these things included or excluded. These same users are always in forums requesting tweaks and new features to their pet software. Azueeus, the Vuze client source is available via the sourceforge repository under the module named azureus3.

Safe 3.02.0 free downloads are made possible with the help of advertising and user donations.

20090202 Release Notes

However, it will still use all the options and features that Azureus 2 has. But it isn’t something we are going to do, for various reasons explained above. Basically, Vuze is a friendlier skin to Azureus 2, along with integration with a web component. Same with the Vuze code. It is extremely frustrating when tracker owners ban the client and never tell us why or what we can do to resolve the issue. Sometimes, Azureus will have a question mark next to a client’s name, such as BitSpirit?

We discovered a Vuze UI bug just as we began pushing out the 3.