I tested MKVCleaver 0. And usually old versions work for quite some time because the basic CLI usage rarely changes. I get this error with MKVCleaver 8. I googled to learn the process but no matter what I change, it’s still the same. Meanwhile I’m trying to make a custom filename which includes language code. Advanced Sub Station Alpha Duration:

avc2avi gui.exe

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Cue sheets are used when muxing. I’m working on the update. I will spin up a VM and see what difference it makes. The only thing you have to change it the path to the mkv file with actual path to the file.

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I wasn’t referring to how it’s written, but the way it’s displayed when opening an MKV. Happens to me X times out of X tests. Is that expected behaviour? I would like to test this.

I have been using MKVcleaver 0.

avc2avi gui.exe

They appear to be trying though, as a “remuxing as AVI” message appears in the status bar very briefly, but nothing else happens. Hello everybody, mkv cleaver cannot see chapters of any mkv files, don’t know why, An idea?

Instead, the Videohelp staff should have asked the author or at least in the forum thread Videohelp does link to this thread as the “developer’s site”. Ideally, if there is one, the audio delay probably should be adjusted to compensate.


Avc2avi Gui.exe

Extracting of chapters does not work. Matroska Track ID 0: No installation is required.

avc2avi gui.exe

Also, this would not work on XP. You know if you extract the audio, re-encode it and remux it with the original file there’s a 50ms video delay to account for, so the audio delay needs to be manually adjusted to ms.

The only way to know what a 50ms or ms audio delay means however you gui.ece it is if you can check the video delay.

Avc2avi exe

Error array variable subscript badly formatted”. It will take a second and report the successful extraction, but no file was actually created. I tried to load a fileselect some tracks and the output dir, but the “Extract tracks! So I chose not to deal with negative delays.

Yes Format settings, ReFrames: It may not contain the latest versions. Download ” Should I Remove It? Can you elaborate more? I’ve got no error message, but demuxing won’t start when the mkv file is in a non-English path. Once you run it, it will extract all necessary files in the same directory, like a self-extracting zip archive.


avc2avi gui.exe

There’s no gii.exe meter or anything, so you’ll probably need to monitor things via the Task Manager, although you do get a popup indicator when the job does finish. I’d be glad to, but it seems I need your e-mail to send you something. Yeah, I think my idea at the time was to have a “timecodes only” and a “timecodes with tracks” option in the right pane.

I will test it to make sure the delays are calculated and written correctly, however, I don’t see a reason to add that information to the GUI. Can anyone confirm if this issue exists with older MKVcleaver and mkvtoolnix? So if we can subtract audio delay gui.exs video delay and get a positive number, the video delay is removed completely from the file name, because it is no longer needed.

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