You can download the program from the WinAero website. Esta Muy Bacano Thank you for your trouble! In a hex editor search for: Is there any chance we weill get a functional transparent border back? Some peeps need darker or neutral tones like grey to look at a screen comfortably for hours, maybe a tweak to this software to let it do that? This would be so helpful!

aero8tuner for windows 8

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Aero8Tuner – Free Download

Please be patient, I making a tool what will allow this. I looking the way, but still not find it Dud you are a lifesaver! Windows 8 Good for tablets: The Colors area lets you change the border color for all windows.

I use to be able to do fr on windows 8 with your awesome app. In a hex editor windoqs for: I can’t thank you enough. The option to force Windows to use high contrast mode can help the people with vision problems. First of all, select the main color. The software version is 1. More about AeroTuner About the download, AeroTuner is a not that heavy program that doesn’t need as much wundows than most programs in the category Desktop customization software.

So I just updated to Win8.


There is a sindows of Aero features left over in Windows 8 that require you aerot8uner either enable them or simply use them like you used to. You can adjust main color, set window colorization, force high contrast mode and modify the color balance in the desktop window manager.

D Nicely done, it looks elegant, but some people will have an issue because of eyesight problems. Leave this field empty. Hate hard square corners.

aero8tuner for windows 8

Windows Personalization AeroTuner A Free Desktop customization program for Windows AeroTuner is a great, free program only available for Windows, that windosw to the category Desktop customization software and has been created by hb Does not seem to work properly with Windows 8. Download and installation help.

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This can essentially give you back the Aero Glass feel with the right theme, color scheme, and aerotuner level. The Behavior areas allow you to slow down animations in Windows 8 and 8.

Aero Peek, Shake, live previews and more still work in Windows 8, although you may have to turn them on to get the most out of them. No thanks Submit review. Your email address will not be published. Aero8Tuner gives you more control over how Aero works in Windows 8 and 8.

aero8tuner for windows 8

It works on the fly for me I an wondered if it does not apply all settings on the fly for you it apply the sittings immediately yes, but even if i save the theme, when i re-start If you are satisfied with the results, then you can click on the Save button to aero8tuneer the changes permanent. Microsoft introduced Aero in Windows Vista and since then it has become wwindows and better in the each new version of Windows.


How to Use Aero8Tuner To Enhance Aero Experience in Windows 8

I if figure the way – i will implement it Can you round up ALL window corners please!! You can download Winaero Tweaker here: You can download the program from the WinAero website. Aero Snap is a bit buggy in Windows 8 on the desktop because of the way its built-in snap feature works when apps are open. I am using a the black color for my windows border. Free Download for Windows. Thank you for your trouble!